About OpenAthens

OpenAthens is an access management system provided by Eduserv, which enables you to access a huge range of quality electronic resources such as databases, e-journals and e-books, provided by NICE and the MFT Library Services.

Who can register?

You can register for an OpenAthens account if you are employed by, or a student on placement at an NHS organisation. To view the full eligibility criteria, click here.

Registration process

If possible, register from the NHS network (N3) or the University of Manchester network at Wythenshawe Hospital. If registering from outside these networks, ensure you enter your work or academic email address. Doing either will allow for easier verification of your identity and your eligibility for an OpenAthens account and avoid any delays.

Click here for more information on the registration process.

Do you already have an OpenAthens account from your previous organisation?

If your old account is still active and you can remember your login details, you do not need to re-register. Instead you should access your OpenAthens account, change your email address and then change your organisation.

Forgotten your username?

If you forget your username please contact us on 291 5780 or email us.

Forgotten your password?

If you can remember your username and the email address you used when registering for your OpenAthens, you can reset your password by clicking here

Account expired?

If your account has expired you will receive emails notifying you when your account will expire and how to renew. If you need any help. contact the Library on 291 5780.

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