Trust Library Services - Wythenshawe Hospital

Trust Library Services Interlibrary Books & Article Request Service

Article Charges - MFT Staff
Article acquired from another NHS library 1
Article acquired from a local university library 2 to 3
Article acquired from the British Library (BL) - 5
If we can't get your article from the region but you DO NOT wish us to try the BL, please indicate this in the Notes field at the bottom of the online request form.

Book Loan Charges - MFT Staff
Book acquired from another NHS library - 1     Book loan renewal - free
Book acquired from the BL - 10     BL book loan renewal 4

URGENT requests and Worldwide searches
If your request is urgent, DO NOT use the online form Instead, ring us on 0161 291 5778/5780.

Standard urgent article (same day) - 6    

BL urgent article request 2 hr. - 32 (Request by 3:30pm - otherwise sent by 10am next working day)
BL urgent article request 24 hr. - 21 (Request by 3:30pm - otherwise sent by 10am next working day)
BL 24 hr. book dispatch - 30 (1st class post - request by 2:00pm for next day delivery)
BL worldwide search -item supplied on loan - 65
BL worldwide search -paper copy supplied - 60
BL worldwide search -failure charge - 24

Charges - University of Manchester Students and Staff
All Articles and loans - 2 (excludes Medical Society Members)
Book loan renewal (if book acquired by University of Manchester Library from the BL) - 4
Urgent requests see price list above

How to pay
We will contact you as soon as your book/article arrives. You can pay by cash or cheque. If you want us to charge your department for all interlibrary loans charges you incur, please download our ILLs COST CODE FORM. This needs to signed by an authorized budget holder and returned to us.

Terms and conditions
British Library requests cannot be cancelled unless your request is on a waiting list.
You will still be charged for articles or books that you fail to collect from the library.

University of Manchester Hospital Book Loan Scheme
Books held at the University of Manchester Library can be requested by their members free of charge. The books can be collected and returned to the Library. Please note: short loan and special collection books are excluded from this scheme. Also, overdue books are subject to normal University Library fines.
To use this scheme, please contact the Academy Library.

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